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Universities Search and Rescue Games 2019


Civil Defence Organization / International Universities Search and Rescue Council        Güven Park/Ciklos-Girne

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

26-29 April 2019




Necmi KARAKOÇ, President of Civil Defence Organization

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet ADALIER, IUSARC 3rd Term President

IUSARC Working Board Members

İbrahim ÇAĞLAR, IUSARC Foreign Relations Coordinator

Yusuf EKER, IUSARC Foreign Relations Vice Coordinator




Yusuf EKER

IUSARC Foreign Relations Vice Coordinator

+90 548 830 28 10


İbrahim ÇAĞLAR

IUSARC Foreign Relations Coordinator

+90 548 830 28 23


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burcu TOKER

Secretariat Advisor





Güven Park/ Ciklos-Girne

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


22-25 April 2019




* Coordinated team walk with plank,

* Balance walk on the plank,

* Overcoming the pit barrier

* Overcoming tire barriers,

* Overcoming maze,

* Overcoming barriers with swinging rope,

* Passing concrete tunnel,

* Climbing and descending with rope




(1) Bridging, Material Handling and Wounded Transport % 20,

(2) Aerial Line Installation and Wounded Transportation %15,

(3) Concrete Mass Drag, Traffic Accident Response and First Aid % 20,

(4) Orienteering %15,

(5) “Rubble Response, Under-Mass Rescue and First Aid   % 25,


* Moreover;

(1) Tent Installation, Maintenance, Delivery,

(2) Care, cleaning, maintenance and delivery of blankets and sleeping pads,

(3) Compliance to Camp Rules,

     – Entryexit hours,

     – Not using alcoholic beverages,

Providing information to authorized camp staff  during entry and exit,

Rapidly communicate problems to authorized camp staff ,

Compliance with other SAR students,

Participation in organized social events,

Harmonization and co-operation with environmental cleanliness,

Appearance conforming to dress codes etc.


It was decided that the score sheet related to these subjects should be prepared and weighed 5%.